These Places

I'm a member of the guitar-vocal duo Zanthii Blue with Adelaide Greenaway. In December 2006 we released our first CD - These Places.

Samples of two tracks from These Places are available here. If you'd like to learn more about Zanthii Blue and hear more of our music please visit our site :

You can purchase the CD from CD Baby or from me via Paypal.

CD US$13.50 plus US$7 postage. (Everywhere except Australia.)

CD AU$15 plus AU$2.75 postage. (Australia Only.)


You And Me (co-written with Jarek Czechowicz, guitar solo Jarek Czechowicz)- Listen (mp3)

These Places (when writing this I was thinking of the beach at Torquay, Australia where I used to body surf)- Listen (mp3)

These Places