Fine Light

I released Fine Light in September 2013. I love writing and playing instrumental music for guitar, particularly nylon-string guitar, and I'm glad to be able to share this latest work with you.

My aim in writing, playing and recording this music was to capture the best I could from my guitar. I've tried to write instrumentals that fit the guitar well, which flow naturally from the guitar.

Most of all, I hope you find this music relaxing and enjoyable to listen to.

Samples and sheet music:

I've included samples including the full title track Fine Light and, for the guitarists out there, I've made free sheet music available for Fine Light, and for Missing You.

Fine Light (free full track) - Listen (mp3)
Fine Light (free sheet music, A4) - Download Sheet Music
Fine Light (free sheet music, Letter) - Download Sheet Music

Missing You- Listen (mp3)
Missing You (free sheet music, A4) - Download Sheet Music
Missing You (free sheet music, Letter) - Download Sheet Music

The Banjo Song (named because it uses a partial Banjo tuning) - Listen (mp3)


CD via PayPal. US$13.50 plus US$7 postage. (Everywhere except Australia.)

CD via PayPal. AU$15 plus AU$2.75 postage. (Australia Only.)

Fine Light is available for download on Amazon mp3 and the CD from Amazon

Fine Light is also available from Itunes. Samples here:

In Melbourne, Australia, you can buy the CD from Hans Music Spot, 77-79 Main Street, Croydon. Or from Audiophile Reference Recordings at 2 Florence Street, Burwood.

I performed this music on a guitar built by Phil Carson Crickmore.


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